Crimping Machine RXM 6.0


Crimping Machine RXM 6.0

Product Description

Model -RXM 6.0 Side feed and vertical feed terminal crimping high speed machine


  • The use of advanced electronic control, with high precision imported electromagnetic clutch /brake, move fast, and accurate.
  • Low noise, low power consumption, feeding standards, high efficiency.
  • A wider range of height adjustment, higher regulation accuracy, saving time for crimp height adjustment.
  • May be in the configuration: direct-card mode, transverse mode to send cards to achieve universal crimping.


Model RXM S04
Voltage AC220V/50HZ
Power 3300W
Air Pressure 0.4MPa-0.6MPa
Rated Current 15A
Cutting Length 72mm-9999mm
Cutting Precision ±0.5mm
Striping Length 2mm-10mm
Max Ribbon Wire Width 28mm
Max Ribbon Wire Pin 20P
Per Wire Width 0.8mm-2.5mm
Processing Capacity 18000PCS/H,(Max,20P)
Measurement 0.85W*1.45L*1.75H(m)
Weight Approximately 527kg